Legal Boutique “SDL”

Dear clients and colleagues, I am happy to welcome you on our website!

If you are visiting this page, you are probably not just a guest – we either know each other since long ago, or we have been recommended to work together. The relations between a lawyer and a client are based on trust. You are unlikely to work with a stranger. We also are not looking for “casual connections”. You know that we are not trying to make “mass product”, our aim is a high added value by means of intellectual input. We are not looking for one-time job. :”To do and forget” – is not our style. We cooperate with all our clients on a long-term basis, fostering partnership relations. The objective of Legal Boutique “SDL” is to help you resolve legal issues to a high standard and at the same time save your budget.

Managing Partner, Advocate
Dmitry Smirnov