Lawyers of our law firm possess a wealth of practical experience. They provided support to the clients in various projects, including the following:

State Arbitrazh Courts

  • Representing two gas companies, belonging to major Italian and Russian energy groups of companies in a court case with the claim sum amounting to over 200 million USD.
  • Providing advisory services to a group of minority shareholders in court proceedings related to the principal investor’s refusal to meet multi-million claims in a mandatory offer;
  • Representing a major Swedish retail chain selling furniture in a number multi-million court disputes, arising from large investment projects;
  • Providing legal support to the owner of an independent gas company in Yakutia in court disputes related to company’s debts, including the insolvency procedure;
  • Representing a major Kazakh bank in Kazakhstan as a creditor in the insolvency procedure of Rostov electrometallurgical plant and further agreement for the sum of 500 million USD;
  • Providing advisory services to a major nickel producer in a corporate dispute with one of the shareholders;
  • Providing legal support to a British investment foundation in court proceedings related to the issue of regaining control over a Russian subsidiary;
  • All-inclusive due diligence of medium-sized and large companies, including Russian oil and energy companies, real estate construction companies, including in connection with court proceedings.

International arbitration and cross-border disputes

  • Providing advisory services to the Russian Federation as a client in a number of large-scale disputes between an investor and the state in the arbitration court;
  • Providing legal support and advisory services to the largest oil company in the Russian Federation on the issues related to the Russian law in foreign and Russian courts in complex projects, concerning protection of its interests from another large oil company, including in the courts of the Netherlands (the District Court of Amsterdam, the Appellate Court of Amsterdam) and Great Britain (the High Court of Justice of London, Queen’s Bench Division), in judicial proceedings concerning the client’s assets in Russia and abroad.
  • Legal support in cases in Russia and a number of foreign jurisdictions (France, the USA, Great Britain, Singapore, Ireland, etc.) regarding the enforcement of awards of the International Court of Arbitration of the International Chamber of Commerce (with its secretariat being in Paris and the place of arbitration being in New York) for the amounts of several billion rubles.
  • Representing international corporations, including the manufacturer of motor vehicles and equipment for large infrastructure projects, in the ICAC in Moscow against one of the largest construction companies in Russia.

State courts

  • Advising individuals in complex disputes, including those concerning business interests, debt recovery, issues related to family and labor law, large real estate objects purchasing, etc.

Some of the projects implemented in the area of corporate law

  • Representing the interests of the world’s largest supplier of commercial explosives and innovative blasting systems to the mining, quarrying, oil, gas and construction markets, and a leading provider of support services in mining and tunneling; advising the company on the full range of legal issues, including legislative aspects of doing business in Russia and long-term contractual relationships with major Russian partners.
  • Advising a group of companies – a leading supplier of mining machinery and equipment with representation offices in Moscow, Yekaterinburg, Minsk, Vilnius, Shanghai on a wide range of legal issues.
  • Representing a large supplier of Polish mining equipment in a court dispute, related to equipment supply, with subsequent conclusion of a settlement agreement for the sum of approximately 20 million euro, as well as representing that company in a complex court dispute with bankruptcy-related aspects for the sum of about 1 million euro.
  • Advising a Polish group of companies – one of the world’s major manufacturers of mining machines, longwall systems, underground and surface transport systems; representing the interests of this client in court proceedings in the arbitrazh courts and courts of general jurisdiction.
  • Representing the interests of a Finnish energy company in court proceedings involving its subsidiary in one of the Russian regions concerning the issues of energy supply.
  • Due diligence of a territorial generating company unifying the power systems of Samara, Saratov, Ulyanovsk and Orenburg regions of Russia, for the client to assess the risks in connection with the acquisition of a block of shares in that company.
  • Due diligence of a large cellular operator, providing services, in particular, in Samara region;
  • Several due diligences of a holding company providing the services of installation and servicing of management systems to large oil and electric power companies prior to the deal for acquisition of that holding company by a client – a large investment company;
  • Due diligence of a land plot in the Moscow region taken on lease by a large Swedish furniture manufacturer to assess the risks in connection with the current court disputes and the prospects of development or sale of that land plot;
  • Due diligence of several land plots under the shopping center in the Moscow region owned and taken on lease by a large Swedish furniture manufacturer to assess the risks in connection with the current court disputes;
  • Due diligence of the land plots in Moscow and Saint Petersburg for a large bank from Kazakhstan estimating the prospect of investments into these land plots;
  • Due diligence of various land plots in Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Sochi, Adler for a client – a major Russian investor working in partnership with the monopolist in the oil transportation area in Russia;
  • Due diligence of an elite residential real estate property in Saint Petersburg for an individual prior to making a decision concerning purchase of that property;
  • Due diligence of a large-scale player in the motorway construction market, including construction of the Moscow Automobile Ring Road, to estimate the prospect of its acquisition by a client – a large Russian holding company, acting various fields, including construction business;
  • Due diligence of two plants manufacturing mineral water for a client – a mineral water manufacturer who subsequently purchased the said plants;
  • Due diligence of a bakery product manufacturer in Chelyabinsk prior to a client’s resolution whether or not to purchase the said manufacturer;
  • Consulting and representing the interests of a major Dutch construction company in a dispute arising out of a construction agreement with its client (a Russian company);
  • Providing consulting services to a major manufacturer and supplier of liquefied gas – the contractor under the agreement for construction of a natural gas liquefaction complex with an automatic gas-filling compressor station regarding various issues and disputes arising out of the said agreement;
  • Representing the interests of a leading Russian holding in a major land dispute;
  • Representing the interests of an international corporation – the manufacturer of motor vehicles and equipment for large infrastructure projects in the International Commercial Arbitration Court at the Chamber of Commerce in Moscow against one of the largest construction companies in Russia;
  • Due diligence of a well-known computer hard- and software store chain in Moscow and Russia prior to the deal for acquisition of that chain by a client – a large investment company;
  • Due diligence of a well-known food store chain in Moscow before the deal for acquisition of that chain by a client – a large investment company.